Are you overcome by the labels?

You know, the ones that come up when you’re still in yoga pants at 3:00 pm on Tuesday afternoon: “she can do that, she stays home. You know, she’s just a mom.”

I’m glad you’re here, you’re in the right place.

I know what it's like to get an instant inferiority complex when you meet someone new or run into an old friend…

It feels silly to spit out your whole life story and say “well I used to be a loan officer, nurse practitioner, social worker…”

So you swallow your inadequacy, give in, and say what seems to fit “Oh, I’m a mom, I just stay home.”

Never mind the fact that you have an awesome business idea and are *this close* to opening up shop doing what you love.

You walk away from the conversation feeling frustrated, isolated, guilty, unworthy – as if having a fulfilled life after motherhood is impossible.


But deep down you know that’s not true and the #MORETHANMOM Course is your proof.


Whether you’re rocking tight skinny jeans or second-day yoga pants, you know that you are so much more than a mom.

Your dreams, your goals, your ambition did not disappear simply because you had a baby.

A lot of moms think their sole duty is to their young children. They think there’s always time to pick back up on goals and passions and they promise themselves they’ll jump back in the second the baby is in school.

I’m here to tell you not to wait.

There’s a way for you to have the satisfaction you crave; both as a mom and as a brand-new business owner. And, believe me, having your own little slice of life that’s just for you now is so much better than putting off your happiness for a bigger pie later.

In #MORETHANMOM, I’ll teach you exactly how to reframe your mindset and find the confidence you need for the final push to finally launch your dream business.

You’ll get all the knowledge and support you need to find fulfillment beyond motherhood.

#MORETHANMOM is a 7-lesson mini-course that helps moms embrace a Mompreneur Mindset as well as find the courage and confidence to build their complete life.

The course is for you if:

  • You believe women can be great mothers and passion seekers
  • It’s important to you to feel fulfilled in ways other than motherhood
  • Your greatest fear is losing sight of yourself and your accomplishments simply because you had a baby
  • You’ve fallen into the trap of thinking you should come last (after your family, your household…)
  • You’re so ready to leap into mompreneurship, you just need a little nudge.
  • You have the education, skills, and experience to start a thriving business, but you're lacking the confidence.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 7 self-esteem boosting lessons to help you shift your mindset about becoming a mompreneur
  • Legitimate facts about happiness, motherhood, and fulfillment based on real-time research
  • Engaging and actionable worksheets to help you find the reasons behind your passion
  • Stigma-busting knowledge, inspiration, and support to help you recognize the healthy reality of putting yourself first.
  • The courage to go ahead and break the “just a mom” mold

Because embracing your desire to be more than just a mom looks a lot like finally reaching for your star. It means going hard for both your family and your goals. It means honoring your purpose as a mother and more!

Imagine, after completing the #MORETHANMOM Course:

  1. You translate the skills from your corporate job to your own business at home
  2. A complete stranger asks where she can buy the necklace you made during your nap time hustle – you give her a business card
  3. You share deep belly laughs with your friends one afternoon, 'cause mompreneurs set their own schedule
  4. Your bank account is flush again with money you earned from your personal passions
  5. Your family enjoys life more because they take their cues from the smile on your face.

Hi, Nice to meet you!

I’m Marissa and I’m a SAHM turned fellow passion seeker. 

I’m a Self-Esteem and Strategy coach for new mompreneurs and I help women embrace their desire to be more than just moms so they can feel balanced and live full, empowered, and integrated lives.

I know what it’s like to be you. Hell, I am you.

I’ve left a professional career and stayed home with a baby. I’ve been utterly satisfied and completely alone at the same time.

And I’ve wanted something more.

I believe all mothers can have more.


The More Than Mom course has been a huge eye-opener for me! It's helping me figure out WHAT I want from life, and also HOW to go about it, breaking it down piece by piece in each daily lesson. I dug deeper into my own dreams and wants in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last 5 years. Cyanne - Mom of 3
As a single mom it is almost normal to just feel guilty about wanting to be more than a mom. However, this course gave me the confidence and the okay to want more from life. With good time management, and little time each day doing what I love, I can be #morethanamom. Iman - Mom of 1
As a mompreneur, it was a bit difficult to take a step back and look at my life as Marissa walked me through the challenges and struggles of being more than mom. But once I did, I found a place of freedom and peace. I saw that I didn't have to do EVERYTHING, but I could prioritize and enjoy life and biz and motherhood for what I could do and wanted to do. Lilah -