01. The mompreneur's Balanced Month


Sometimes you let the things HAVE to do take over the things you WANT to do. 

Are you a mompreneur struggling to strike a balance between your family's core values and your obligations to the insignificant things in life?

If you’re overwhelmed with the daily responsibilities of running a business, being a mom, keeping a happy home, and maintaining a marriage and just want someone to sweep in and sort it out for you, I’m your hero.

As mom biz owners, it is so easy to get caught up in the "small stuff" in life: the errands, the housework, the cooking... that we often look up at the end of the day and feel like we accomplished nothing of value. No quality work on our businesses and no quality time with our families.

Somewhere along the way we learned that we have to devote all of out time to the things we have to do before we allow ourselves to do the things we want to do. But all this does is leave us so busy with our obligations that we feel trapped by our to-do lists. Well, who says it has to be this way?

Instead of focusing on little things that don't move you forward, imagine:

  • Knowing exactly what's important to you and your family on a deep, core level
  • Designating your priorities and structuring your time around what's most important first
  • Having the comfort of knowing that your core values come first and your obligations come second
  • Kissing guilt and failure goodbye because you've learned to embrace the diverse areas of your life
  • Creating a custom, repeatable system that allows you to map out every month so that you are always devoting enough time to your marriage, you family, your business, and your self-care.

When you invest in the Mompreneur's Balanced Month package, you will walk away with a completely customized monthly routine that you can use over and over again. This comprehensive system will account for everything that is most important to you and will also help you find time for the insignificant things like laundry and clearing clutter. You'll know exactly how much of your time each month goes to big things like business building, the days that are strictly for being a mommy, and even which nights are great for hubby-wife time.

This package is for someone who

  • Feels like there's never enough time left to do the things she wants to because she's always doing the things she has to
  • Is great at planning a daily schedule but needs help prioritizing her family's core values
  • Is very self- motivated but needs to "chat it out" with a strategist in order to build out her ideal time management system
  • Wants to learn a system once and use it over and over again

This package is not for someone who

  • Feels completely lost when it comes to dividing time between family life and business
  • Needs help defining daily and weekly tasks for her business
  • Wants to learn productivity strategies to become more effective and efficient in her biz and family life
  • Is looking for the in-depth help with her time management that comes with the Busy But Balanced package

What you’ll get:

  • 1 - 90 minute call resulting in your ideal mompreneur schedule that puts your core values first and your obligations second
  • 1 - 60 minute follow-up call to tweak your value/obligation distribution and perfect your custom scheduling system
  • A password-protected client portal with custom client notes and session recordings
  • Tailored worksheets to help you nail down your ideal month and make changes as your family and business grow
  • Email support the duration of our work together
  • A repeatable time management system that teaches you to prioritize the important things in life and helps you find balance

Your investment: 2.5 hours, $247

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