02. Harness Your Confidence


Because chasing your dreams will lift you up.

Are you a mom who often feels caught up in what people say is expected of her? Does this make you self-conscious about starting your biz? Do you know exactly how you would attack your goals and grow your business if you could just get past what others thought of you? Sounds like you need a shift in mindset!

- OR -

Are you the mama who doesn't give a damn about what others say or think? Are you the free-spirit who has big dreams but struggles with breaking them down into concrete ideas? Seems like you need help with your strategy!

Regadless of where you are in your mompreneur journey, your ultimate goal is to achieve a sense of ease running your business and nurturing your family. Often the blocks that take away from this ease come from either your mindset or the strategies you have in place.

Harness Your Confidence is where you choose what needs your focus: MINDSET or STRATEGY.

For Mamas who need a new Strategy:

  • Figure out exactly what you need every day to feel fulfilled as a mommy and a mompreneur
  • Define your 3 non-negotiables and curate your experiences around accomplishing them
  • Determine your Ultimate Business Goal and create a tailored, actionable plan to achieve it, keeping your momlife in mind
  • Evaluate your systems to make sure they work for your business and your family
  • Set boundaries, learn to ask for help, and cut unnecessary obligations in order to meet your needs

For Mamas who need a new Mindset:

  • Break down expectations of the way you should behave as a mother and how this impacts running a business
  • Address any insecurities that come up when you think about offering your skills, expertise, or products
  • Learn to cultivate a Mompreneur Mindset and why it's important to have one
  • Recognize your self-esteem and self-worth are separate from your role as a mom and as a business owner and learn to improve both


This is where we work through a rigorous method of either putting your insecurities about running a business to bed or achieving balance among your professional and personal goals. Whether you want to finally start or grow your business, give more to your family, experience emotional freedom, or find your *flow*, this unique process will take you from wishful idea to confident plan.

Your life is what you make it.

And you have the power to make it exactly what you’ve always wanted. You just need a guide. One that helps you push aside the distractions and focus on exactly what it is you want to achieve.

I can show you how.

What you’ll get:

  • One - 90 minute call getting to know each other. We'll burn your baggage and build your self-esteem - OR - define your goals and outline your strategy
  • Three - 60 minute calls. We'll dispel common mompreneur myths and boost your spirit- OR - break your strategy into action steps and check in on your progress
  • A password-protected client page with custom client notes and sessions recordings
  • Tailored worksheets and weekly homework
  • Email support between calls
  • The confidence that comes from knowing you are pursuing your passions, providing for your family, and turning your dreams into reality

Your investment: 4 weeks, $347

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