Attract more ideal clients without leaving the 'couch'

Grad school taught us all about empathy, active listening, and honoring our clients' truth. But, if your program was anything like mine, it left out a huge chunk of what it means to be a therapist - the actual running of a therapy business. Now you're smack in the middle of trying to navigate your private practice. You know your ultimate goal is to have a schedule full of fun, fulfilling cases and you've heard all about 'finding your niche' and 'attracting your ideal client'. You also know that if you have a chance at building a sustainable, enjoyable practice you need to be marketing yourself. You need a web presence that establishes you as an authority figure and resonates so fully with your ideal clients that they finally drop their guard and seek you out for guidance and comfort.  

But that opens up a whole other set of issues... 

Presenting problems arise like:

Search Engine Optimization | Content Marketing | Blogging Strategy | Infographics | Social Media Content | Posting Times | Niche Marketing

The effort it takes to research these concerns, let alone master them, takes any therapist away from what he or she does best, therapy. In the time it takes to write a 2000+ word blog post, create related imagery, optimize it for SEO, and promote it socially to your potential leads, you could have seen at least three clients, and more importantly billed for your time.

In fact, you've already invested so much to become an expert in your therapeutic modality, you don't need to spend the time or energy becoming the expert in proving it.


Hi, I'm Marissa.

When you chose to work with me...

You're not hiring a random freelance writer to get you visible online.

Instead, you're hiring a graduate level trained therapist who belongs to the same professional organizations as you, who knows the ins and outs of a therapy business, and someone who genuinely knows what it's like to be called to the helping professions.

Through our wok together you will establish a strategic, tailored content marketing plan that is appealing to your niche market. I will help you maintain the consistency and cohesion necessary to draw in your ideal client time and time again. Choose from three packages below:

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Content Strategy

Are you utterly lost when it comes to your target market and what content you need to attract them?

Let's jump on a call and hash it out. In 2-hours, we'll partner together to refine your niche, brainstorm ways to find your target market online, and develop an entire content plan to reel them in. 


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Content marketing

Do you have great content ideas but no time to write them?

I'll provide boutique writing services based off of your suggested topics and research. You can choose ghostwriting for one-off projects or continuous content streams.

This includes projects such as:

  • Website Copy
  • Written Blog Posts
  • Designed Infographics
  • Written/Designed Ebooks
  • Designed PowerPoint/Keynote Presentations
  • Written Social Media Content
  • Unlimited email support for monthly packages

$127+ per individual project, depending upon scope -OR- $397 per month for continuous content marketing  *payment plan available

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content management

Do you simply need someone to take content marketing completely off your hands?

We'll meet monthly to strategize and I'll become your concierge content marketer. You'll receive everything you need from a content marketing perspective for the entire month. The package includes:

  • 1 - 2 hour initial strategy call
  • 1 - 30 min strategy check-in monthly
  • Unlimited email support
  • 4 - Niche-targeted, SEO optimized blog posts written weekly
  • 1 - Niche-targeted infographic
  • Written social media content for up to three platforms
  • Suggested posting schedules
  • Suggested business growth tactics

$497 per month for complete content marketing management  *payment plan available