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you’re looking for it all to be a bit easier.

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Before you opened your private practice, you thought a lot about how you would bring in clients.

Your agency didn’t have a non-compete in place, so you knew a handful of your favorites would follow you once you struck out on your own.

You also planned to hold in-services and community events to get your name out there.

But once you opened your doors, you quickly realized the amount of work it takes to get a practice off the ground and to keep it running. So, you started to hustle. You met with all the doctors' offices, you reached out to all the local therapists, and you went to all the networking events. 
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You realized, "Hey, this is actually doable. I can build a profitable practice."

But, you quickly found yourself exhausted and on the brink of burnout. Even though things were working, and clients were coming, you had to admit this marketing approach was unsustainable.

You knew there had to be an easier way to increase your reach and your practice’s visibility without having to be physically present. You’d sort of heard about content marketing and the fact that having an online presence can bring you clients.

So, you threw together a quick blog post about mood disorders (or was it anxiety…), posted it to your website, and waited for the phone to ring. But nothing happened. The blog wasn’t shared, the post wasn’t read, and the calls didn’t come.

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- You feel lost. And frustrated. And depleted. You know you need a steady stream of clients to sustain your practice and continue to be of service to those in need. But, you also know that a perpetual high level of hustle is only going to drive you into the ground.

- You know that if you continue to spend all of your time away from the couch networking and marketing your practice, you’re never going to have time for what it is you actually love – therapy.

- You need to learn how to use your blog and social media the right way to turn prospective leads into paying clients.

- You’re ready to step back from in-person marketing, understand the emotional scheduling process of your clients, and utilize the internet to fill your caseload.

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You won’t be on a weekly call with dozens of other students vying for individual attention or trying to get your questions answered.

You won’t receive access to months’ worth of lessons to go through at your own pace with no guidance and no reassurance.

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  • You will work hand-in-hand with colleagues in your industry as well as myself to create a comprehensive, repeatable online marketing strategy
  • You will believe in your ability to speak to your ideal client in a way that elicits an emotional response and in a way that makes them want to schedule a session with you.
  • You will create content that resonates with clients who are referred to you as well as attract new leads online and funnel them through the process of scheduling with you
  • You will feel confident that the content you post online represents your personal brand and spreads the message and mission of your practice
  • You will possess a sureness about your marketing materials knowing that they are comprehensive and cohesive.
  • You will continue to grow your practice while saving time and preserving energy for yourself and your paying clients. 

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Lesson: Together, we will explore the similarities and differences between your niche, target market, and ideal client. You will learn several approaches to defining your niche including segmenting by presenting problem, therapeutic modality, and passion/purpose. You will also work on identifying the emotional pain points of your ideal client.

Co-Work: On our group call, we will dive deep into who we are called to serve through our practice. We will take this passion and apply it to different populations in our areas and figure out the best social media platforms to target our ideal clients.


Lesson: During week two, you will learn how to set the foundation for all of your marketing materials so that every piece of content is cohesive and authentic. We will work together to build a platform for your content so that it speaks to your ideal clients’ emotional journey.

Co-Work:In group, we will write out the mission statement of our practice as well as our main marketing message. Based on what we come up with, you will craft your brand voice and identify the key marketing phrases to be used on your website, blog, and social media.

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Lesson: I’ll teach you how to legally and ethically “stalk” your ideal clients so you can learn how they’re spending their time, how they’re spending their money and the exact language they’re using to talk about their problems. You’ll also learn how to mine your clinical notes and sessions for blog post topics that are relevant to your niche.

Co-Work: During our call, we will identify the best Facebook groups to find your niche and you will walk away with at least three places to conduct market research on our ideal clients. We’ll also brainstorm blog post topics, so you are ready to begin writing content during week 4


Lesson: Week four is a pivotal week where you will start putting all of the pieces together. You will learn how to combine niche-specific language, target market research, your brand voice, and your key marketing phrases into content pieces that will draw in your potential leads and help convert them to paying clients.

Co-Work: On this call, we will work together to outline four separate blog posts. Each piece will be on-brand and speak to your target market. You will be able to leave the call and go straight to writing each content piece.

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Lesson: This week we will venture into the idea of promotion and I will share my signature system for peeling social media content ideas from your hero content. You will learn how to identify the main ideas and most share-worthy points from your blog posts and how to craft them into social media statuses to start drawing in ideal clients..

Co-Work: In group, we will work together to pull out social media statuses from the outlines we created in week 4. We will end the call with 30 days-worth of social media ideas that will draw followers back to your blog.


Lesson: In this last lesson you will learn about different strategies to get your practice visible. We will discuss the differences between marketing and public relations and how you can use both to attract new clients. We’ll also talk about automation strategies so that you can set up your content marketing to be hands-free.

Co-Work: During our final call, we will put everything we’ve learned together into an editorial calendar. You will finish the practical exercise with a complete 30-day marketing plan that you can systemize and repeat every month.


$597, 1 spot left


MORE ABOUT ME:              

Hi, I’m Marissa and there is one thing I’m positive about.

Therapists have all the skills they need to become the BEST marketers. Seriously, even if your grad program taught you nothing about business, it still gave you everything you need to be able to attract and convert ideal clients.

Sure, the online space is confusing. It changes extremely fast and there are all kinds of new trends and tricks to try to stay on top of. There’s a certain savviness that’s required to navigate the internet and to make your skills and your practice stand out in a sea of other clinicians.


See, good marketing is very similar to good therapy. All you need to do is communicate a message that helps the reader/listener/viewer of your content get in touch with their emotions. It’s literally the exact same thing you do day in and day out in session.

If you can help your clients get from the top level, content, facts of their presenting problems down to the experiences, feeling, and cognitions behind them, you can market.

Yes, I’m a licensed counselor, national board-certified counselor, and member of the American Counseling Association. Yes, I understand who you are professionally and what it’s like to try to build your own thriving private practice. I’m also an avid content marketer who makes it my mission to partner with you to fill your caseload with the type of clients who are going to light you up.

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  • Clinicians who are ready to maximize the results of their in-person networking efforts by reinforcing their face-to-face message with cohesive content
  • Therapists who want to step back from coffee dates, large networking events, and pitching themselves to doctors and instead want to capitalize on online marketing to save time, energy, and dedicate themselves to their craft.
  • Practitioners who love to write/create video/post on social media and want to do so in the most effective way possible by understanding their ideal client’s emotional scheduling process
  • Therapists who are ready to overcome impostor syndrome and confidently share content with their audience and fill their caseloads
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  • Clinicians with a completely empty caseload who aren't ready for long-term strategies
  • Practitioners without a working website to drive traffic to 
  • Therapists who don't believe online marketing can work for them.
  • Clinicians who hate to create content in any form
  • Practitioners who aren’t interested in devoting time to content marketing
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$597, 1 spot left

Frequently Asked Questions 

When does the practical exercise start?

This round of Cathartic Marketing begins March 19, 2018 and runs through April 29, 2018. During this time, you will receive six lessons, weekly in real time as well as participate in six live co-working calls.

How long will I have access to the lessons?

You will have lifetime access to the course content and co-working videos. Each time I update the course, you will receive an email about the latest version and will be able to log in and see what’s new. However, we will only have co-working sessions for the six weeks the course is live.

I've never been through a practical exercise before, what should I expect? 

Cathartic Marketing is different than your typical online course or group program. Over the course of six weeks, you will receive weekly lessons as well as participate in co-working sessions. Each Monday morning you will receive your weekly lesson to study on your own. Then, later in the week, you, your group members, and me will work together to accomplish the tasks laid out in the weekly lesson.

What if I hate to write?

This system can be applied to any content creation medium. If you prefer video or podcasts or something else, you can use all of the skills from Cathartic Marketing to promote your practice in a way that maximizes your strengths and meets your needs.

What exactly does co-working mean?

Unlike other group programs, where you get only a few minutes to ask your questions, we will be working together as a team to accomplish your goals. You will have direct access to me and your group members and we will work together to make sure everyone’s questions are answered. You will not feel left out, and I will personally help through any aspects of online marketing you find difficult or confusing.

Do I need any special equipment? 

We will be using Zoom for our co-working calls. This way everyone can work on their individual projects but see the rest of the group at the same time. We will have access to voice and text chat as well as view each other via video. If you use your desktop/laptop computer to access the co-working calls, you will not need anything else. If you use your phone or a tablet, you will need to download the FREE app.

What if I can’t attend the co-working calls live?

Immediately after our group session ends, I will be uploading a recorded video to that week’s lesson page. This way you can revisit the recording and still have access to what the group worked through that week?

What will be my biggest take-aways from Cathartic Marketing? 

The purpose of Cathartic Marketing is two-fold. First, you will gain insight into yourself as a marketer and practice owner. You will learn the aspects of marketing that make you feel vulnerable as well as how to overcome emotions that are keeping your practice from growing such as impostor syndrome. Second, Cathartic Marketing teaches you about the emotional buying process and how this applies to clients who are looking for a therapist. Ultimately, at the end of the six-week program You’ll have mastered my repeatable system to create content that promotes your practice online while feeling confident in your marketing strategy, meeting your prospects’ emotional needs, and filling your practice with ideal clients.

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  1. Click the "I’m So Ready" button below

  2. Purchase the Cathartic Marketing with your PayPal account or scroll down to use your credit/debit card.

  3. Once you have received payment confirmation, you will receive an email with all upcoming details about the group experience like dates and times, log in information, and group assignment.