9 things I wish I knew before becoming a mompreneur

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One of my favorite things to say is that becoming a mompreneur takes a special kind of crazy.

I swear, the women who choose to build their own businesses while they build up their families may as well join Nascar with all the running around in circles they learn to do. It's like we are gluttons for chasing-our-tail torture or something.

But in all seriousness, this lifestyle is not for the faint of heart. It can be a long road full of twisty detours that lead us all over the place. It's great if these detours happen naturally in the course of your biz - as a gentle evolution. But, getting derailed because of stupid mistakes or poor planning can be a real blow to you ego and your bottom line.

*Story Time*  For those of you who don't know, The Riss Lawton Co is actually my second attempt at mompreneurship. I always knew I wanted to start my own business and my lack of love for authority pretty much guaranteed the only way I'd advance in my career would be to work for myself.

So in January 2015 I bought a domain, started blogging, bought a course on creating passive income products and failed miserably at making money. I bought into all the hype that this online business world was easy. That in six months I could make six figures and that I would be successful without having to get dressed in the morning. I didn't realize it then, but my "business" was far from stable. In fact,  

My business was built on quicksand.

There was no system in place, no target market research, no planning, and certainly no strategy. I literally launched a webinar and paid course to an unqualified list of 75 people. You'd think with an undergrad degree from a top business school I'd know better... 

Needless to say it was an utter failure.

When I went back to the drawing board for The Riss Lawton Co, I was determined to build my business right. I went back to my business school days and brushed up on the fundamentals. But, I had to admit that online entrepreneurship is much different. So, I read tons of research and downloaded a gazillion e-books on launching an online business. I learned about automation, joint ventures, and list building. Learning about each of these things has drastically changed my mompreneur journey this second time around.

But the most important thing I've done for The Riss Lawton Co s join a community of other mompreneurs.

I literally seek out these mamas everyday. I run biz ideas by them and ask about the most efficient apps and tools to use. If this sounds like something you desperately need like I did and you want more info, be sure to contact Jaclyn. You can find her mama business tip and her contact info below.

It's this exact community that I've reached out to in order to bring you this post today. I asked the members of my mama mastermind what advice they'd offer to the struggling mompreneur. What they wish they'd know before starting their businesses and what they want you to know so that you don't run yourself off the road.

So without further ado, here are 9 things to consider when building your business.

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I wish I knew that self-care was extremely important to productivity. I would advise any mompreneur that is just getting started to include a daily self-care plan in order to keep the balance. We are so passionate about our businesses that we forget to take care of ourselves and then we become less productive and less like-able simply because we forget to refill our cups first before pouring out into others.

Tameka Anderson Kids Self-Confidence Coach www.facebook.com/groups/parentingconfidentkids



I wish someone had told me to find my balance BEFORE I started getting really busy. The most important thing that I tell new Mompreneurs is to spend time establishing that balance. Know how many days and hours you need to work, but still maintain the family relationship.

Tammie Polk, Talent Targeting Mompreneur Engineer, www.Facebook.com/tammieterrellmompreneurs



I was an entrepreneur before becoming a mom. Logically, I knew that things would change after the arrival of my son, but I wasn't prepared for the magnitude of the changes. Things are going to be different. You won't have nearly as much time to spend on your business as you did before. At first, it might seem like you'll never get anything accomplished until your kids are grown and out of the house. But, before you know it, you'll adapt. You'll find the time and drive if you're passionate enough about what you do. You're about to become more flexible and adaptable than ever before...embrace your new strengths! And beware of the guilt trap: don't feel guilty for taking time away from your business to be a mom, but don't feel guilty for taking time away from your child to be yourself either. You need both.

Megan Garwood, Web Developer - www.megangarwood.com



Running a business and being a mama is not for the faint of heart. It takes serious discipline, determination, and organization to pull it off well. And sometimes you just won't. There will be days that your kids will need you more than your clients. I've learned that this is more than okay. There will be days that you'll feel overwhelmed with the enormity of it all. Again, not pleasant but something that comes with the territory. But being a mompreneur is possible. As mamas, our priority is without a doubt our families, which serves as that kite rope to inch us back onto the ground. While occasionally it is easy to get distracted from the greatest work of being mom by the good work of customers and clients, motherhood has a way of reeling us back into the "why" propelling us forward. If you're a mama with big dreams in your heart, my encouragement to you is to reach for those dreams. Go for it. Have a bit of a game plan, but also don't be afraid to wing it. I did. Things seem new and scary and intimidating, but until we try, how will we even know our own capabilities and strengths? It's worth it.

Lindsey Johnson, Owner/Creative of Verity Web Solutions      http://veritywebsolutions.com



Setting monthly goals has been such an game changer for me as a mompreneur. I spent far too much time comparing myself to others and doubting my own ability. Once I started setting SMART goals, I was able to track my progress and focus on doing the things that positively move my business forward. I would highly recommend everyone do this! I’ve recently found an accountability partner to share and build one another’s goals and this has been great! Working with someone else and staying accountable has helped me from getting “stuck” and brought fantastic insight for both my business and personal life.

Danielle Tenconi: Marketing & Business Coach - www.InsieMama.com



The biggest surprise to me on my journey of becoming a mompreneur has been how addicting my work can be! I never expected to feel torn between being with/caring for my family and my work projects. But this is now a DAILY struggle of mine. Establishing and maintaining balance as a person that both nurtures a family AND business from home is no easy task, and takes an incredible amount of intention, mindfulness and self-discipline. Everything has its time and place, and it's like an intricate waltz learning what those times and places are. It can be easy to fall into feeling guilty as you wade through the trenches of the juggle. But I've found that loads of support and encouragement (especially from other mompreneurs!) makes a world of difference!

Kelsey Van Kirk, Empowerment Coach - www.thehomelovingife.com



I really wish someone had told me how to juggle. No Really! In my head my baby would be laying on the floor or napping and I'd be making thousands of dollars working and that's just not hat happened. I've had to work really hard: during naps, early in the morning, and late at night; and I've had to make sacrifices either in my biz or my daily schedule. However, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. My advice would be to remember that this is a season of your life and business and not to fall into the comparison trap. Every business and motherhood journey is different and your journey will make you a stronger entrepreneur and an even stronger mom. If you are thinking about starting a business, I would begin thinking about your goals and how much time you realistically have to work on them. Make a plan and block out time. Doing these things allows me the privilege to work from home while being a mommy to my littles.

Caroline Hull Owner/Designer - www.carolinecreates.com www.creatingbizness.com



The one thing I wish I knew in the beginning as to take the time to dig deep into the purpose of starting my business. Deeper than "I want more time with my daughter." As my business evolved an my passion for helping other moms grow their businesses became front and center, I noticed friends, family, and my ideal audience all took me more seriously. My "why" is what transformed a hobby into a business that mattered. A business that could make an impact. Of course, I still want to spend more time with my daughter and being a business owner gives me that flexibility. But that is just an amazing perk, not a true "why." When you take yourself and your business seriously, it's not long before others follow suit.

Jaclyn Mellone Owner, Chasing Dreams and Littles - www.chasingdreamsandlittles.com



And last, but not least, here's my little nugget of advice. As high achieving mompreneurs we can get quite down on ourselves when we can't knock things out super fast. Deadlines can be a huge source of stress when mixed in with all our other mommy duties. Content deadlines, launch deadlines, course deadlines... It's a lot. One thing to try is to double your current timeframe. You've got twice the responsibilities of any other entrepreneur adding kiddos to the mix. Why would a task take the same amount of time as it did pre-baby? Give yourself grace, extend your deadlines, slow your pace, and calm the stress. You may even get a *BONUS* confidence boost if you finish early.

Marissa Lawton Self-Esteem & Strategy Coach, The Riss Lawton Co

Now, I hear you when you say that becoming a mompreneur can be overwhelming. But, if anything, I'd like you to take away from this post the fact that it is totally doable. Each of these ladies is proof that you can run a thriving business while contributing to a thriving family. Sure, it takes a special kind of crazy, but I speak for all of these ladies when I say it's the kind of crazy that none of use would trade for anything.

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