You Imagine it being so easy sometimes…

You wake up to cute giggles and kisses as your little greets your for the day. After a few minutes of morning snuggles, you rise to get ready - all powder and pigtails. Every one knows what's on the agenda for the day and flows to where they need to be. Hubby to work, the older kids to school, and the baby to the play room for quiet time. You head to the kitchen with a smile on your face because your day has been perfectly designed. 

With your healthy breakfast and your favorite coffee, you walk into your perfectly styled home office and get pumped for your day full of meetings, clients, or projects. 

Full of ease, you sit down at your desk with your latte, sign into your computer, and feel like one bad mutha - all important and productive…

But then you come to from your day dream…

You look down at your yoga pants from Old Navy, scratch off the boogers and baby food, and realize this is probably the third day you’ve worn this pair.

You’ve been up way before the sun because your little one is teething, or leaping, or just plain trying to kill you. You’re on your thousandth version of Itsy Bitsy Spider and you wonder exactly how many times a little bug can defy Mother Nature. You long for this arachnid’s determination and perseverance because right now, you wanna bang your head against the wall.

So much for running a business today.

You've rescheduled all your calls and you know it's going to be a super late night of client work. You're eyeballs burn just thinking about how tired you're going to be.

The reality is, you ache for a just a bit more. More purpose, more productivity, more self-confidence. But this wanting makes you feel like one bad mother…

You see, so many times mamas think it’s either/or

You’re either a put together entrepreneur – or you’re a mom

You’re either taking away from your family by working – or you’re feeling guilty because your project turn around is too long.

You’re either successful – or you’re stagnant

This type of thinking only leads to feeling worse. You’re overwhelmed with thoughts of raising your business baby at the same time as raising your real-life babies and you feel down on yourself 'cause you just don’t know how to make it happen. You’re worried about seeming unthankful or about the way it comes across to want more out of life than motherhood. This leaves you defeated and feeling like you just have to wait till the kids are older to really grow your biz.

But here’s the truth...

You can have both now. You can have a little slice of life for yourself. You can run a thriving business and raise a thriving family.

By feeling confident in your purpose, defining your own idea of success, setting boundaries, and strategizing to reach your unique goals you can begin to have a healthy, happy vision of yourself – as a mommy and a mom in business.

That’s where I come in

I’m Marissa and I’m a Self-Esteem & Strategy coach for mompreneurs.

I help mama business owners embrace their desire to be more than just moms so they can feel balanced and live full, empowered, and integrated lives. 

I do this by helping them address the unique challenges of mompreneurship, define their goals and passions, and establish concrete plans to make it all work.

As a mom myself, I know how challenging running your family and your business can be.

I have a business degree and worked in corporate finance for several years. When I found this too stifling, I had a massive career shift and got my Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, working specifically with women's issues - even specializing in pregnant women and new moms.

When my daughter was born, I left the corporate world behind and began brainstorming ways I could combine both sides of my personality       - strategist & helper - to inspire moms to pursue their passions.

I also have a crazy adorable (and highly aggravating) toddler. Take a peek above, she really is cute!

Why do I care about you??

I know what it’s like to be you. Hell, I am you. 

My journey to motherhood wasn’t easy and after 6 months of fertility treatment I finally fell pregnant. Once babygirl arrived I gave up everything just to see her happy. I left my mental health counseling job, my friends, and my hobbies behind, determined to be the best mother. 

And I paid the price.

After some hard work and some even harder soul searching, I started practicing what I preached to all my mom clients and put myself first. I made a solid plan and slowly but surely my happiness returned.

Right then I knew it was my dream to pay it forward. To help other mompreneurs succeed in their two most important areas.

So I used my business degree and my training as a licensed counselor, addressed my demons, and started something of my own.

I know that’s what you want too. A little bit of ease while loving and investing in both of your babies. Where you can think, and feel, and be just who you want without feeling like you're choosing - or sacrificing - one over the other.

Don’t get me wrong

The transformation to a Courageous, Confident, and Complete mompreneur is not easy. You can’t just check out and you can’t just trade one lifestyle for the other. This process is about a full life.

And a full life can sometimes mean a busy life. 

But when you’re busy with the things and people you love, it doesn’t feel like overwhelm – it feels like fulfillment.

So whether you’re so far over your head you’re just praying for bedtime, you need some help getting in the right frame of mind to build your business, or you need the assistance of an awesome strategist, I’m here to help you feel like the best mom and most fulfilled mompreneur. 

One who’s Courageous, Confident, and Complete.

More about me

I’m a military spouse – talk about the queen of strategy and adaptability

I’ve lived in extreme opposite locations, experiencing 110 degrees F  and -40 degrees F in the same year

I drink a different green smoothie every day – even if it’s disgusting and I have to plug my nose and chug

I’m a sucker for Jack in the Box tacos and can eat 8+ in one sitting

If you’re ready

for the Courageous, Confident, Complete lifestyle

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